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Welcome To DMH Marine Solutions

DMH Marine Solutions was incorporated in 2010 as a provider and specialist of marine solutions. In 2011, DMH expanded to China and set up and branch company, DMH Marine Solutions (Suzhou) Co. Ltd, located in the Suzhou Industrial Park. It serves as a technical hub and production base for worldwide projects. Recognising the importance of innovation and long term growth, DMH formed a Research and Development team in Suzhou to ensure our products keep up with any changes in technology to meet the highest of demands.

Engineering Capabilities.

DMH is equipped with fully automated machines operated by highly skilled technicians. With our skills and knowledge, we are able to customize the control system to your specific requirements. Our systems are not confined to standard designs or applications. In fact, our special engineering and technical know-how can provide you solutions to intricate problems and designs.

Skills Training.

All our employees are specially handpicked for their skills and expertise in specific fields. Our valuable technical knowledge puts us a step ahead in competition. Compulsory training sessions are held for them to ensure DMH is up-to-date with the rapid changes in the industry.

Research & Development.

DMH Marine Solutions (Suzhou) Co. Ltd is a branch company that serves as a production base for worldwide projects. It is also equipped with a research and development team to enable further innovation of our marine products and solutions to serve you better.


A wide range of products we offer are proudly manufactured by DMH. Building on the expertise gathered over the years, DMH has the capability to manufacture its own products. Coupled with stringent internal quality control, we are able to maintain high standards in our offerings to our clients.

Streamlined Assembly.

Design, assembly and installation of the systems are carried out by DMH’s very own professional engineers. This gives you as our client an advantage when using our services. We work closely with our clients to device the best system designs and client-specific solutions that is flexible and custom-made to your specific requirements.

Quality Testing.

Every system and design will undergo several testing procedures before it is presented to our customers. Each testing stage is done by skilled technicians employed by DMH. At DMH, we strive to work towards quality delivery in all our products.

Our Solutions, Your Profits

The absolute focal point in the creation of our effective solutions is none other than you, our client. We do everything possible in ensuring that you will have access to the ideal system solution. We are a system integrator specializing in the construction and design of actuated valve packages that can be fully customized. We have been manufacturing these systems for more than 5 years.
Our competencies cover a variety of areas. The most popular solutions are the Valve Remote Control System, the Tank Level Gauging System and the Anti-heeling System. We aim to satisfy your demands to the optimum. It is our priority to provide top class products and systems at DMH Marine Solutions.